Pipe Cleaning

Blocked or clogged waste pipes, drains or sewers can cause severe damage and are a major inconvenience. At ANSA Plumbing cleaning and clearing pipes is made easy with the Jet-Rod. Firing powerful jets of extremely high pressure water (up to 4000psi) within the pipe. It can destroy any blockages in it's path as well as, cleaning the inside of you pipes back to pristine condition, without the risk of damage to the surrounding pipe work.

ANSA Plumbing can handle all size jobs from a blocked toilet or sink drain right up to major blockages in external sewers.

Clear and Clean pipes to “as new” condition.

Jet Rod Pip Cleaner & Cleaning

No Mess or Damage due to “State of Art” Technology.

Specialist “Best of Breed” Plumbers & Equipment

Portable equipment to inspect any location even under slab and the smallest of pipes.

High pressure water-jetting removes roots, debris & other blockages.

Uses a thin cable and water pressure to clear which means NO digging, NO mess, NO risk of damage, LESS time, LESS cost.

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