Camera Inspections

At ANSA Plumbing we use the latest technology to inspect you pipes for cracks,damage and blockages. The Pipe Ratâ„¢ Cam allows easy access into the drain network through "clear outs" and "pits" or through sinks or other plumbing that is connected. A colour video camera is inserted into your plumbing which makes it easy for your plumber to inspect the condition of your drains.

When the inspection is completed your footage will be posted on a secure page on our web site with the link attached to your invoice, so you can see with you own eyes the condition of your pipes.

Pip Rat Camera Inspections

Non-Intrusive Modern Technology

Portable equipment to inspect any location, even under slabs.

Find problems before they create damage

Slim modern technology to inspect any pipe even in the most difficult places around the home or office.

Reports with photos printed on location so you can see with your own eyes!

Uses a cable, not a shovel which means NO digging, NO mess, NO damage, LESS time, LESS cost.

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