Burst Pipe

A burst water pipe can cause serious damage to your home and off buildings and your property. Even just a leaking pipe can cause your water usage to increase dramatically. Not to mention the damage that water can cause to your foundations and pathways and driveways.

Apart from the obvious damage that water can cause in your home. Slow leaks in your yard can rot footings and attract termites.

If you do notice a leak:

1. Make sure all the water sources are OFF in and outside of your house.

2. Go out to the street and open the water meter box. Check to see if the meter is running. If it is, it's probably your water.

- If it is your water, you need to check irrigation valves which may be activating in the middle of the night. You may have to have a plumber come over and check your irrigation valves, pipes and sprinklers to try and locate the source.

- If the leak is severe, turn the water off at the main and contact a professional plumber.

3. If your meter is not running contact your neighbours regarding their water and advise them to check their water meters as well.

4. If nothing comes up, contact your local council. They have tools and insights that others will not.

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